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Most of the services that we provide are free to our users.  You can also upload your X-Ray, CAT Scan, MRI, EKG, Echocardiogram, Blood Report, or anything that you feel is important for your healthcare providers for a small fee . 

This can save your life!!


There are millions of people who end up in hospitals all across the world with serious medical problems and are not in a state to give any details of what happened to them, before they were brought into the hospital.  With no other family or friends with them to give the medical staff any idea of what went wrong, management of these patients becomes a huge challenge for the medical staff.

Let be your friend in such a situation!!

All you need to do is wear one of our Emblems.  EMS Personnel are trained to look for such Emergency Emblems.  Once it is located, it is very easy to look up all your health files. 

Finally, you decide what data you want to put in your file.  This data will be crucial in such emergencies, so think wisely what you want to include in your Health File. 

  • Avoid Serious Drug Reactions
  • Lets your family/friends or your Physician be notified in a timely fashion
  • Advanced Directives (Note: it is important to discuss your preferences with your family and your doctor)
  • Special Treatment Preferences
  • DNR Status
  • Autopsy or not
  • Organ Donation
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